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World Foresight Forum

The Hague, Netherlands

April 11-15, 2011

A Secure and Sustainable World
for Future Generations
The World Foresight Forum, a new international event, will bring together world leaders from business, government (including the worlds leading Security Ministers) and academia to specifically address a broad range of global challenges which taken together are increasingly affecting our global security. Topics covered include power shifts, cyber security, resource scarcity, changes in demography, climate change and the breakdown of the financial system.
The Forum founders believe that we can successfully adapt to these challenges only if world leaders from business, politics, science and the military, who have thus far not engaged one another sufficiently, come together to address the issue of security in the broadest sense of the word.
The purpose of the World Foresight Forum will be developing and delivering from the Forum future Roadmaps which will outline solutions to the global challenges the world is facing today around security. We invite you to participate in the discussion!

Strategic Challenges of the 21st Century

The Forum is organized around six themes, seeking to
describe the principal dimensions of human existence:

Geopolitics and Security
The dynamics of the security environment


Population and Demographics

Size and distribution of the world population



Threats and chances of global climate change


Science and technology
Technology for innovative solutions



Our system of production and exchange


Society and Culture

The way we live together

The World Foresight Forum will consist of three modular but interlocking events:



The summit will bring together prominent world leaders (including the world’s leading Security Ministers) meeting to brainstorm in a series of moderated presentations and plenary sessions. Cutting-edge foresight studies and research papers will form the initial input for these sessions.



Two hundred experts from the worlds of politics, business, science and government will address issues within the broad scope of global security to a select audience of business leaders and senior government officials



Sponsoring companies and organizations have an opportunity to showcase what they stand for, how they see the future, and the contributions they can make in working towards a more secure future.

Sponsorship of the World Foresight Forum

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