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The New Global Education Economy

A research program from Oxford Economics

It is widely recognized that the future growth and stability of our global economy depends greatly on the ability of our education system to teach students the skills required to succeed in the 21st century.

While improvement in education has been a focus of government leaders throughout the world, and substantial investment has been made to improve education, the results have been mixed to date. The question remains whether these past investments have been made in areas that will achieve the greatest positive impact, and how the coming changes in education will impact individual countries and global economic growth.

This program that aims to provide more clarity to these issues, by measuring how certain variables related to education will impact a country’s economy, both favorably and unfavorably, and what the likely outcomes of changes in educational systems will be over time. The New Global Education Economy will provide senior executives, government officials and educators with an understanding which inputs have the greatest impact on improving education, and which countries are best placed to benefit from changes to their educational systems and policies.

We aim to start this project in March 2011 and complete the program by July 2011. Portions of the program are being developed by The Thought Net.


For more information about this innovative thought leadership initiative, and available program sponsorship opportunities, please see the Program Outline.

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